Leslie Mayer holding a tarot card
Leslie Mayer holding a tarot card

Professional, accurate and insightful tarot readings for clients.

Providing a fresh point of view to answer your questions.

If you are feeling stuck, lost, overwhelmed by a situation a tarot coaching session can give you the additional information, more clarity and emotional boost which might point you to the direction towards success.

Leslie Mayer Tarot Coaching

Meet Leslie Mayer

Hello and welcome. I am Leslie Mayer, tarot coach. I have been working with the tarot for several decades now from the early '90s, giving readings for family, friends and myself.

Later I decided to take my knowledge to the next level and attended Richard Knight's Tarot Masterclass and enrolled on his acclaimed Tarot Academy. There I learned how to work professionally and give accurate and insightful tarot readings to clients.

If you have a question you would like to look into and want to get answers like my Facebook Page and watch this space as you will be able to book tarot readings with me in the near future.

"Dear Leslie, Thanks for all your responses. I am ever so grateful to you for giving me direction in my life. Everything you told me, makes perfect sense…"

Book your Tarot Readings

Email Tarot Reading - Limited Time Introductory Price

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Click the button below to purchase an email reading.

You will need to fill out a simple online form with your contact details and your question and you will be able to pay with a credit card or PayPal. You will receive a confirmation email and your reading will be sent to you in email within 3-5 working days. You will receive a several pages long pdf file with the photo of your card spread I created and a detailed interpretation of the cards with suggestions about how to get the best outcome in your situation.

If you need any clarification after receiving your reading you can contact me by email to ask your questions.

Check out a sample email reading I did for an imaginary customer who was wondering if it was the right time for her to start her own business. Download the reading in PDF format below.

Private Video Sessions Coming Soon

If you would prefer having a private video reading session

Soon you will be able to purchase video readings as well. If you are interested and cannot wait you can contact me on email (leslie@lesliemayertarot.com) to book a video session. I will also do occasional quick free readings on Facebook live video so if you are interested like my Facebook Page and subscribe to my email newsletter to see when it is coming up.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me in email or on Facebook.